March Antics

I thought I’d start with a round up of what I’ve been up to during March.  With the Easter Weekend and my first market of 2016 it has been a busy month.

I took part in The Paperdolls Handmade Spring Market on Sunday 20th March. The Paperdolls markets are among my favourite local markets in Birmingham, there is always a lovely atmosphere and I’m constantly blown away by the quality of work available by local makers and designers in Birmingham.  Jo and Carolyn who run Paperdolls have a real passion for good quality hand made products and this really comes across at each market.   Through a combination of carefully curated stalls, workshops and music they continually put on great events. To find out more about Paperdolls handmade check out there website:

I also had an opportunity over the Easter break to have a good studio tidy.  It was during this clean up that I rediscovered some old magpie drawings I’d been meaning to do something with for some time, this got the cogs in my mind turning and I set to work designing a new happy birthday card.

Magpie happy birthday cards (1)I like to play around with ideas relating to folklore and superstition, so I incorporated two little Magpie sketches into this card design playing on the traditonal Magpie Nursery Rhyme ‘One for Sorrow’.  The number of magpies you see determining whether you will have good luck or bad luck. Two magpies are lucky by the way.

Finally I have been working on some new forest drawings, again this is down to rediscovering some older sketches and doodles, as well as in response to some really positive feedback from people regarding the banjo commission I completed recently.  Here are some works in progress.  Looking forward to making these into prints.Forest drawings 2forest drawings



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